Christchurch NZ September 4th 2010 – Part 1

I stood, bewildered, rooted to the spot at the end of my bed.

What the hell was happening! I stumbled forward, arms outstretched, feeling my way in the cold and darkness of the night. I must be sleep walking. The soporific state I was in lulled me as I stepped, one foot at a time cautiously.

Then the shaking came. It was violent and I lurched forth onto the floor.


The house was heaving, and heaving and heaving again. The ceiling moved, the walls threatened to cave in. The floor rocked beneath me. The nights silence was broken by crashing and banging, then heavy thuds and the crashing of glass and china.

Keep Calm whispered to me, amidst the chaos. There is nothing I can do to fix this.

I made it to the doorway and stood beneath the frame, feeling safe there. Angus the cat sat beside me. The frame was sturdy so I clung to the sides of the frame ready to ride it out. I turned to look outside through the glass door to my left. There was nothing to see but the outside light was still glowing. Reassuring! And Bart, my ever so faithful bichon/papillon stood steady half in and half out of the cat door. I smiled. He knew what to do too…….


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