ME is such a bitch. She comes along and destroys and plunders your life.

Breaking you into fragments and shards that can never be put together again.

She steals your joy. She crushes you down. Physically, mentally, every way that can be. She takes it all away.

Leaving you with nothing, nothing but the pain and agony and the inability to sustain any kind of life or sense of being alive.

You become so vulnerable and you have no power, no power to change it and no way to make it different. To just live, and to be, to look out and see, the joy, the hope, the promise the life going on – you want to join in, you want to reach out and grab some of it. There is life out there – just not for you. ME she holds you down as

you struggle and strive to be alive, to have a life. She wrestles and kicks you back as you cry in pain and anguish – leave me alone. Give me a break. I want my life back.

But she says no, I’m not done with you yet. I will never be done with you. I want you for myself. You will never be free. Just stay where you are, looking out, looking out, looking out from your brokenness.


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