“One of the most courageous decisions you will ever make is to finally let go of whatever is hurting you heart and soul.” Brigitte Nicole

What does it take to do this. Clearly courage to do it is imperative. But first you need to have identified what it is exactly.  What is it that is hurting your heart and soul?

In my experience courage comes from hardship. Hardship leads you to self awareness.

The self awareness comes from moments, from patience, from being alone, from being with yourself, again and again and again. Sometimes until that is all you have left. From learning, from experiencing and from exploring quietly.

Do you make a plan of approach? Do you write endless journals andand notes skirting around it and through it, under it and over it.

It comes from learning “it’s OK”.

It comes from a broken heart.

It comes when there is nothing left and no where else to go.

It comes from truly loving yourself.

It will confront you. You will feel it’s harsh and terrible touch, the demon’s breath on your ear, and you’re eyes will widen in fear.

The tears of acknowledgment will flow.

You have lived with this for a long long time. It has blackened your heart and soul all of that time. You have been held prisoner, tied by thick heavy ropes and your head lowered in submission.

What will it take to be free.

Action. Just do it. It is done.

You are now set free forever.


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