Ted, my boarder. I hadn’t seen him at all yet throughout this drama………

I imagined him to be safely ensconced with blanket and pillows either beneath his bed or perhaps under the desk. I wasn’t about to move from my cubby.

The front porch light was out now so the power was off.  I was so relieved as the dawn sky shared its gentle hazy glow and the night began to draw to a close. It still remained so eerily quiet. No birdsong, but no sirens either. What was happening out there? I had no idea what I was waking up to so early on that Saturday morning in September in Christchurch, NZ.  I had been looking forward to spending the morning at a city pet store, spreading the word about Hearing Dogs (NZ). Maybe things would be continuing as normal? I really had no idea! It was so hard to grasp what was happening. I felt stuck in a time warp. I could do nothing. Just wait.

It was an overwhelming urge to connect with the world again that persuaded me to scurry out from under the table and start looking for a radio and some batteries. My heart was pounding hard and the sense of a possible widespread disaster wasn’t helping me with this practical move. I didn’t even know if the kitchen radio took batteries. It did, but it was going to take 6 of them. Why, oh why were the batteries stored on the top shelf of the pantry, and at the back. Everything was starting to become difficult!


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