When I get fed up with waking up every morning with ME/CFS


November 2015




  • I can’t express myself well
  • I can’t remember things
  • Every part of me gets so exhausted so quickly, just talking, eating, reading, every single thing that people take for granted.
  • We don’t get the acknowledgement or care that we need that is easily available to others with serious health conditions
  • I often feel so alone
  • I hate that when I do challenge myself or go through anything emotional – it could be joy or excitement, I suffer for it
  • I hate that I get so tired I can’t stand or walk and have to lie down.
  • My mind gets confused and overwhelmed
  • That I am slow and weak
  • That my hands are clumsy and I drop things all the time
  • I don’t have the dexterity to knit anymore and sewing is difficult
  • I can’t read much at a time
  • I have nothing, when I should have a job a nice car, a house, holidays I can pay for….
  • I am and have been “old” since I became unwell, and I will live to be old, old, old, more old….
  • I have missed out on so much, not least of all the opportunity to be self-sufficient and earn a living.
  • I can’t enjoy activities with my friends
  • I can’t keep the house as clean and tidy as I would like
  • Things don’t get done – cleaning the car, the garden, spring cleaning……………
  • Keeping busy is not an option for me
  • Distraction is not always an option
  • I can’t walk the dogs as often as I would like
  • I have so much pain when the barometer drops
  • I am so poor that when I get to retirement age my income will double
  • Reading is difficult
  • Comprehension is difficult
  • My mind can’t process anything complicated
  • That a lot of things that could help me are out of my price range
  • I don’t have refreshing sleep
  • I have post exertional fatigue
  • Sometimes I wish it would all end
  • Sometimes I can’t cope
  • That I get brain fog
  • That I fade quickly
  • Sometimes others are frustrated by my awkwardness and slow thinking
  • There are so many others who are going through the same thing,

I am sorry if you hate my blog, I do too, but that’s one side of the reality that anyone with ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia is faced with daily to one degree or another.


According to: The UK government’s Foresight Project on Mental Capital and Wellbeing

The Five Ways are to Connect (with other people), Be Active (as much as you can), Keep Learning (curiosity strengthens our mind), Take Notice (savour good moments – even when you feel surrounded by road cones) and to Give (to others – even if it’s just a smile).

More than 400 world experts (from neuroscientists to economists) were involved. The findings are fascinating.

I Love

  • that I can still do all that, and lots of other stuff

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