Christchurch NZ September 4th 2010 – Part 1

Christchurch NZ September 4th 2010 – Part 1

I stood, bewildered, rooted to the spot at the end of my bed.

What the hell was happening! I stumbled forward, arms outstretched, feeling my way in the cold and darkness of the night. I must be sleep walking. The soporific state I was in lulled me as I stepped, one foot at a time cautiously.

Then the shaking came. It was violent and I lurched forth onto the floor.


The house was heaving, and heaving and heaving again. The ceiling moved, the walls threatened to cave in. The floor rocked beneath me. The nights silence was broken by crashing and banging, then heavy thuds and the crashing of glass and china.

Keep Calm whispered to me, amidst the chaos. There is nothing I can do to fix this.

I made it to the doorway and stood beneath the frame, feeling safe there. Angus the cat sat beside me. The frame was sturdy so I clung to the sides of the frame ready to ride it out. I turned to look outside through the glass door to my left. There was nothing to see but the outside light was still glowing. Reassuring! And Bart, my ever so faithful bichon/papillon stood steady half in and half out of the cat door. I smiled. He knew what to do too…….


Goals For 2015

At the beginning of the year I casually wrote a list of goals for 2015.

“Goals” has been a dirty word for me ever since it seemed to become fashionable at some point 20 or so years ago, when, for me, the last things I could contemplate were goals. The word belonged in some foggy vibrant world out there that I had no access to.

At some point several years ago I turned a corner and made a decision to exclude the words “struggle” and “survival” ¬†from my mental vocabulary. Sure, it was the truth but I was not only exhausted from the struggle, but I also couldn’t live with it anymore.

I began to listen more closely to the truth that was inside me. After years of Chronic ME I was well practiced in taking time out and knew well how valuable the precious gift of time is. What I had forgotten in the process was how valuable I was. Perhaps I never really knew….

Now those universal truths are settling in my heart, spirit and soul and I’m beginning to recognise and acknowledge that most beautiful of feelings, the pure joy within when the Universe and I are creative together. These moments are invaluable to me as I have little trust of so called inspirational teachers and writers that churn out a gazillion books and CD’s creating their own sect of followers that cling blindly to the latest fad. Therefore I search for my own personal guidance to lead me to whatever is destined for me in my journey.

So, for this leg, the year 2015, MY goals were Invent, Develop, Create, Plan, Act, Accomplish, Innovate, Share, Inspire and EARN.

Lets see how I get on………………………………………………………………………………………..

Lets Get Started

Wow, here I am, 1st September 2015 and I am starting my blog.

I have 15 minutes to write about this new beginning, because I need to just do it, and just do it now. I have been blogging in my head for the last couple of weeks.

I am embracing myself and having a wonderful time learning how do go about this.

Recently I was made redundant from my part-time work of 7 years. At first I was devastated. I had seen it coming for a couple of years but still it was real scary when it came time to bite the bullet.

I turned to my inner voice which said, “hey, it’s time to start something new”!

I have been learning to trust my inner voice so instead of taking the same position offered with another company, at a lower pay rate, I said “No, thanks”.

And, here I am!! I currently have no income from work, however I do receive a welfare benefit as I have a disability. This ensures I have food and a roof over my head but not a lot else. I am trusting God to provide as I begin a new journey.