Christchurch NZ September 4th 2010 – Part 2

It was dark and it was quiet and my mind was blank.

Everytime I tried to move the shaking would just start all over again.

Well, I couldn’t just stand here forever, so I crawled back into bed with Angus and Bart right behind me.

It felt warm and safe back in bed but my refuge was continually disturbed by the rumbling and shaking which persisted. I checked my watch. The night was almost over and I realised I would need to visit the toilet soon.

By 5.30am and after 1 hour of my home being threatened with demolition any moment it was clear this was not one of those quakes we had practiced so so so long ago at Primary school! Usually visiting the loo at this time of the morning was done easily in a sleepy daze, no worries. This time I would have to negotiate my way over the fallen books, pot plants and broken china tossed into a disordered heap in the hallway by the monster poltergeist creating mayhem in my house.

The power was now out but I was able to find some shoes to protect my feet and grabbed my dressing gown from the door hook. Here goes. Gingerly I scrabbled over and around the clutter and was able to open the toilet door along the passage. Oh shit! Before I could do anything more I would have to remove the large pot plant lodged in the bowl of the toilet. The plastic pot was broken and sharp and there was a lot more dirt in there than could be flushed away. Also the toilet seat was cracked and broken! What state would the bowl be in??
By now my need was a lot more urgent. Would I make it in time?????


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